Structure to gym workouts

A really short blog entry this time, but one I feel needs addressed.

I’ve had a busy year running and training for ultra marathons, and as usual at this time of the year I take a short break from running to allow my body to recover, grow stronger, and get ready for the next training blocks leading up to whatever new adventures I plan.

I still like to keep active and fit during this low to non-running period so I have been mixing things up with various outdoor low-impact activities like cycling and enjoying time walking on the beach and also spending time working out in the gym.

During this extra time I have been spending in the gym while doing my own workouts it’s become noticeable to me the number of people in the gym who migrate from machine to machine or the free weights but have no particular focus or direction in their workout. A lot of what I have been seeing is taking up the persons valuable time but providing little to no value from a fitness or health perspective.

If you are reading this and feel like you could use some guidance and structure to your workout I would value the opportunity to work with you.
Maybe this short post will spur you into adding structure and direction to what you do in the gym and help you reach your health and wellness goals.