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Having some form of accountability when it comes to achieving your goals can be really useful. As a health coach and personal trainer I have worked with some clients that needed very little in the way of cues or advice, but they lacked the drive to get out the door to the gym or the park for a workout. Others I have met were really enthusiastic but lacked the knowledge or skills to structure their workout so needed advice in that form. We are all different and need our own form of accountability.

Having accountability whether its meeting someone for motivation, working with a personal trainer or coach, or simply telling your network on social media that your are committed to doing something can make a huge difference to your success with a goal.

I am intrinsically motivated, meaning I have the internal drive and will power as well as the desire to exercise. I still however post my intentions publically on social media and blog posts.

My latest running blog post is exactly that. I have a place in a 96 mile race in May, I have posted my blog saying I’m doing it. My personality type likes to succeed and achieve goals, and even though I have that internal drive I still like to make myself accountable to my words.

How do you get your drive and accountability?

See my blog post below for my plans for a big goal for the first half of 2020.

West Highland Way Challenge Race Blog Post

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