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I try to write one or two blogs per month. Sometimes it’s my own adventure runs and bike rides, and other times its a subject I feel I want to cover in the Health Coach and Personal Training field.

As a certified personal trainer and health coach I want to promote healthy lifestyle choices and advice. I live and breathe the advice I dish out. I also understand that most people have to fit health and wellness practices into a busy schedule.

Believe me, I have been there! I used to work in a corporate environment tied to a desk and computer for anywhere between eight to eighteen hours per day. I’ve had my fare share of all nighters when things really went wrong! So I do understand how difficult life balance can be.

This experience is in fact one of the reasons I feel I can really help others who are working long hours and tied to desks all day to incorporate healthier habits into their regular routines.

Tertiary exercises and why you need to do them

How do you structure your workout, and do you include any tertiary/pre-hab exercises? What are tertiary/pre-hab exercises? Read on and you will learn what this is about and why it’s important. Exercise categories I like to split exercises up into three main categories.Primary exercises are your goal or target exercises. For example, you might want… Read More

Returning to the gym after the lock down

With restrictions easing and fitness centers, health clubs, and gyms reopening it’s a good time to look at our workouts. A few questions you need to ask yourself are below. What are your goals? Where are you right now in respect to what you want to achieve? How are you going to get back into… Read More

Our Immune System and why it matters

What is the immune system? The immune system is an extremely complex and interconnected system. It works to fight infections, disease, and assists in the repair of injury. It is made up of a complex system of tissue, cells, and organs throughout the body. There are two parts of the immune system which I’ll describe… Read More

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You can find out more about the requirements for the certifications I hold at the American Council on Exercise by visiting their website. Visit my other pages for details on the health coaching and personal training services I provide.

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