Hard work and determination goes a long way to achieving success.
This page highlights some of my clients’ achievements.

I might be the one guiding them through a workout or a lifestyle change, but it’s not me doing the hard work. I believe it’s important to highlight success and results which are the rewards for the hard work and effort put into it.

I will be adding to this page over time.

Bob Lundy – Personal Training Client

Bob working out during a remote session

I’ve been working with Bob for a few months. He continues to put the effort into his workouts and is making great progress in his stability, agility and weight goals. Bob continues to progress. To start with we were doing body-weight only movements and exercises to prepare him for advanced exercises. He is now lifting heavy weights with excellent form and good range of motion.
A few words from Bob below:

In the 1960s, I was a competitive fencer, though never a very competitive one.  After that I did aikido for about half a year, then nothing other than the same set of daily setting-up exercises until about 2006, when I started exercising at the Cannon Beach Athletic Club.  When that folded after a couple of years, I switched to Sunset Family Fitness in Seaside for another couple of years.  For about the past decade my only regular exercise had been the morning stretching with no significant change over time, plus, until a year or two ago, treading on a treadmill alternate days, again the same year in and year out. 

Since starting training with Cameron a few months ago, I have become continuously more fit, and incidentally have lost over 10 pounds (I have never been fat, but am now getting positively trim).  Cameron set up three routines for different muscle groups on separate days; we revisit one group each week, and adjust the exercises to how I am progressing.  He is at once professional in his concentration on my performance and invariably pleasant and cheerful.  I do not think I have been more fit since my fencing days in the ’60s.

Bob Lundy