Disclaimer: While this workout plan has been created with your safety in mind all physical activity caries a small risk of injury. Please take your own safety into consideration and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with or feel safe doing.

Perform the warm up routine provided separately.

Workout exercise list
Direct link here if you need it

Group 1 exercises.
Do this group 2 times. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

1. Biceps curls
Keep your elbow close to your side, don’t let it flair out to the side.
The video shows a band and using both arms, but your version for just now is one arm and use a dumbbell.

2. Triceps extension overhead
Adjust the resistance by pulling more or less of the band either side of your foot.
Remember to make all the movement come from the elbow and not the shoulder. It can help to stand in a split stance too with the band under your rear foot.

3. Shoulder press overhead
Hold a dumbbell at shoulder height with palm facing towards you.  Breathe out as you push the weight up rotating it so at the top your palm is facing inwards. The video is not the exact exercise but should be ok as a guide. Do one arm at a time.

4. Lat Pull-down
Secure the bands just above shoulder height. Stand facing the bands, grasp the ends of the bands with your arms extended out in front of you, and with straight arms pull them down towards your waist. Breathe out on the way down, and in on the return to the starting position.

Secure the resistance band to the top of the door. Kneel about 18″ from the door. Grasp the bands so your arms are extended overhead and slightly in front of you.
Pull the bands down, pulling your scapulae down, then follow with your elbows.

Video to follow…

End of group 1

Group 2 exercises.
Do this group 2 times. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

1. Chest extension with band
Make sure to start with your thumbs pointing inwards and when extending your arms out rotate hands so thumps point up. Adjust the band tension by bending it over your 1st finger and grasping it with the other fingers to secure the position. When you pull back think of drawing your shoulder blades together.

2. Chest horizontal single arm pull across
Use the resistance band at a shoulder height anchor point. Stand with your arm out to the side towards the anchor point and pull your arm across in front and beyond the mid-line. Keep your arm fairly straight.
The movement all comes from your shoulder and not any torso rotation or elbow flexion to “cheat” the range of motion.

3. Bent over single arm row
Stand on the resistance band with the forward foot. Grasp the band with the opposite hand. Pull the band upwards focusing on starting the movement with your shoulder then pulling your elbow up.

4. Place holder for a push exercise
We will add a horizontal push of some sort soon.

Video to follow….

End of group 2

Group 3 exercises.
Do this group 2 times. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

Wrist warm up before the exercises, you only need to do this part once then do the wrist exercises.

1. Spring grip wrist exercises
Squeeze the spring grips for the number of repetitions.

End of group 3

Stretching Exercises to finish off with

Wrist Warm up before stretching

Wrist Flexor Stretch

Press your palms and fingers together and push down gently to feel the stretch.

Wrist Extensor Stretch

Press the backs of your hands together and gently push up to feel the stretch.

Triceps Stretch

Raise one arm up overhead. Bend the elbow back and with the opposite hand gently pull down to feel a stretch. Hold for the time listed.

Shoulder Back Stretch

Hold one arm out to the side, keeping it straight bring it towards your opposite side, with the other hand gently pull it back to feel the stretch in the outside of your arm and shoulder.

Shoulder Front Stretch

Using a vertical support like a door frame or a wall press the inside of your forearm and palm of your hand against the wall. Stand with a staggered stance with the forward foot on the same side as the wall. Gently press into the support and feel the stretch in the chest muscles and front of your arm.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of your workout.

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