Disclaimer: While this workout plan has been created with your safety in mind all physical activity caries a small risk of injury. Please take your own safety into consideration and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with or feel safe doing.

Perform the warm up routine provided separately.
Have a timer with seconds on hand for this workout.

Workout exercise list
Direct link here if you need it

Group 1 exercises.
Do this group 2 times. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

1. Prone Plank with knee drive and rotation
Dynamic prone plank bringing the knee forward towards the chest and rotating hips in towards the mid-line, then a short hold before returning to the start position.
Make sure to rotate your hip towards the floor.

2. Side Bridge with dips
Dynamic side bridge with a dip on the hips and returning to the high position.

3.1. Glute warm-up
Before starting the next exercise activate your glute muscles using the short resistance loop band half way down your shin, and stand with a slight bend in your knee, and take a side step.

Take 2 steps left then 2 steps right and repeat 4-5 times.
Don’t fatigue the muscles. The blue or green loop band would be a good level to use.

3.2 Hip Thrust

Rest your shoulders on the ball while sitting on the floor. Contract “squeeze” your glute muscles as you push your hips up so your spine goes to the horizontal position. Push up through your heels but keep your feet flat on the floor for stability. Hold at the top for a second and slowly lower your hips back towards the floor.
Keep your knees and toes aligned with feet about hip width apart. Don’t let your knee fall in wards or lean out to the side.

End of group 1

Group 2 exercises.
Do this group 2 times. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

1. Standing Rotation (hay baler)
Stand with the ball at chest level with bent elbows and a staggered foot stance.  Whatever side you rotate down to have the opposite foot forwards in a staggered foot stance position (it’s not clear in the video below).  Hinge at the hip slightly and rotate down to one side straightening your arms as you rotate to the side. The ball should come down almost to knee level.  Then rotate up in the opposite direction so the ball is above your head and to the side, you can lift the heel on the opposite side to get more range too. Don’t lift it too far back that it causes your hips to drive forwards and arch your back! 

2. Wood chop with resistance band
Use a high anchor point.  Get a good solid footing with slightly bent knees. Hands should start slightly above shoulder height. If you cant get enough height on the anchor point then kneel on one knee opposite the band side.  

3. Anti-rotation with resistance band
Anchor the resistance band roughly at shoulder height. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and grasp the band handle at chest height. Engage your core muscles, breathe out and push the band handles away from you keeping your torso and hips straight by resisting the band pulling you to the side.   Breathe in and return to the starting position.

End of group 2

Group 3 exercises.
Do this group 1 time. See the text in each exercise for any variations on the repeats.

2. Deadlift with resistance band
Stand with feet shoulder width apart standing on the bands. Grasp the bands to tension them. Hinge at the hip and slightly bend your knees while breathing out. Return to the upright standing position with some force, but DON’T let your hips translate forwards and cause you to arch your back. Think of returning to a straight upright position.

End of group 3

Cool down exercises

1. Hip and trunk muscle stretch

This stretch is good for loosening up the hip muscles and the side bend addition stretches the core/trunk muscles. It’s a two part exercise.
Start with just the hip/leg movement for for about 5 reps with no hold time, and then add the trunk lean for the repetitions and hold time listed below.

2. Foam roll shoulders and lower back muscles.

2.1 Lie on the foam roller starting with it about level with the bottom of your shoulder blades. Slowly and gently roll up to the top of your shoulders. DON’T go as high as your neck.

2.2 Roll the sides of your lower back, move slowly back and forth so the roller covers the sides and towards your mid-line, but not rolling over your lower spine.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of your workout.

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