Thanks for your interest in my 0-5k running plan (couch to 5k running plan). I congratulate you on your decision to use running as part of your healthy lifestyle.

Who this Couch to 5k Running Plan is for and what you should achieve from it

This is my beginner 0-5k running plan (couch to 5k running plan) which will take you through an eight week progressive program starting with a mix of walking and running, and slowly build up your running time to the point where you can run for at least 30 minutes. This would equate to about a 5k run. The starting point for this plan is when you can fairly easily walk for at least 30 minutes.

Some additional considerations

While I supply this program free of charge, I highly recommend that you consider investing in some of my running coaching sessions to get you through the program.

When you are learning something new, it’s really important to learn properly from the beginning. The longer you have been doing something the more difficult it is to correct any issues.

Running by its very nature is a repetitive action, so it’s important to do it with good biomechanical form. When you repeatedly do something with less than ideal biomechanical form it can lead to soreness, pain, and even long term injury. All of these detract from the enjoyment of running, and can even prevent you from running altogether.

Running can take you to some amazing places

How to use the plan

My 0-5k running plan is an 8 week plan, with three workout runs each week. You should also consider complementing this running plan with some appropriate strength training sessions. I have added place-holders for these in the plan.

Running workouts
Each workout run has the following components.

  • Pre-run dynamic warmup (full body dynamic warmup, not static stretching)
  • Short warmup walk
  • Intervals of running and walking
  • Cooldown walk
  • Post workout dynamic cooldown (dynamic movement or stretching)

Follow each week’s plan as listed.

Progression over time
As the program progresses week by week the amount of walking reduces, and the running time increases. By the end you should hopefully be able to run for at least 30 minutes in one go.

It is really important at this early stage to not jump ahead and try to do too much. Overreaching could set you back and cause injury. It may seem like the plan could be compressed, but following this progression will build your endurance base and pay dividends later in your running ability.

Strength Training workouts
I don’t give out specific exercises without having worked with someone to learn their abilities, limitations, and needs. I firmly beleive that every exercise has to be appropriate for the individual at a given time.

As a coach, I can provide individual workouts appropriate for your needs. If you would like to purchase some training sessions to complement your running program, contact me and we can arrange something to fit your needs.

Any exercises you perform should be done with good form, and incorporate all movement paterns. There are two strength training workout days for each week in the plan.

Plan Downloads
Below are the weekly workout plans for you to download.

Disclaimer: While this program has been created with your safety in mind, all physical activity caries a small risk of injury. Please take your own safety into consideration and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with or don’t feel safe doing.