Providing one-on-one Personal Training Services in and around Cannon Beach, and remote sessions from wherever you are.
Science backed and proven methods to help you with:

  • Fitness Personal Training for building strength
  • Functional Exercise (from improving day to day activities, to specific athletic goals)
  • Seniors Fitness Specialist (fall prevention and balance)
  • Corrective exercise including posture and balance
  • Running coaching (5k to 100 mile coaching)
  • Retaining independence while aging
  • Cognitive decline reduction through physical activity
  • Nutrition

Exercising is a whole lot more than spending an hour in the gym “working out”. To get the best use of your time and make the most gains from your effort it’s important to have some structure and direction in your regular workout.

Functional movement, good posture, proper form, and mobility are very important factors to consider. Choosing exercises that are best suited to your current needs is vitally important. Progressing at a safe and appropriate level, as well as adapting your workout as you make gains or regress due to other influences (illness, external stressors like work commitments, even injury) is all a dynamic fluid process.

The Personal Training Services I provide cover all of this, allowing you to enjoy your workouts with the backing of an experienced coach to help you through these challenges in a safe and effective way.

Fitness training cannon beach

I’m available for in person Personal Training Services in and around Cannon Beach, and remote options including regular video conference calls.

See my blog posts for some more good reasons to get the most from your workouts. I will be adding more posts over time so follow my blog for updates.

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